Join 1066 Chapter – Or Renew!

You Gotta Be A H.O.G. Member!

You probably already know that in order to be a full member of any Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.®) Chapter, you must first be the owner of a Harley-Davidson® or Buell® motorcycle, and you must also be a member of H.O.G.®. If you are acquiring a new Harley, you should get one year’s free membership of H.O.G.® automatically. If you are acquiring a used Harley, usually you have to pay. Once  you know your H.O.G.® membership number you will be able to join any H.O.G.® Chapter – but, of course, we hope you will join 1066 Chapter. (Please be aware that if at any time your H.O.G.® membership lapses, you automatically and immediately cease to be a member of any H.O.G.®  Chapter that you have joined.)

Click on the logo above to visit the H.O.G.® web site. 


The 1066 subscription year ends on 31 March so that’s the time to renew.  Our Membership Officer is rather sensitive for a biker.  He takes it a bit personally if you don’t renew on time, and is liable to turn up at your house in person, on his bike, possibly in the small hours, brandishing a renewal form and a pen and demanding money.  So don’t risk the irritation to your neighbours, click here for a renewal form* (it’s the same one as the membership application / guest registration form). Don’t delay doing this, your web site access and other membership entitlements will be at risk, not too mention the dreaded nocturnal visit.

Joining: What’s in it for me?

You can be involved with 1066 Chapter in two ways:-

Full Membership

You must be a current member of H.O.G. to join and retain full membership of 1066 Chapter.  You can view, download and print the benefits and entitlements of full membership here. * It all adds up to a lot of fun.  😀

Register As A Guest

Registering as a 1066 Chapter Guest enables you, as a family member, partner or friend of a 1066 Chapter member, more actively to demonstrate your enthusiasm and support for 1066 Chapter, and to participate as a non-rider-operator in the many and varied Chapter activities and events 😀

To register, you must be sponsored by a full member of 1066 Chapter. Your registration ceases if your sponsor’s 1066 Chapter membership ceases for any reason.  You can view, download and print the benefits and entitlements of Guest registration here. *

Next Step

When you are ready, click here for a downloadable membership application / guest registration form* (the current subscription rate is shown on the form). If you feel you would like to know more before joining, you can always come along to one of our Regular Meets. We look forward to seeing you soon!

*You will need ‘Adobe Reader’ to open this file. You can download ‘Adobe Reader’ FREE by clicking on the icon below.

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