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Hi, 1066 member! – or Guest

Once you have logged in, this web site is your main and – usually – most up-to-date source of information about Chapter news, events and activities. If you are a Guest, you can see only a few pages of the many available to members, but we hope that you find enough here to make you want to join 1066 Chapter. We like to party, have fun and we ride Harleys!

Take a moment to read the information below about where to find stuff.  There’s other good stuff around too, waiting for you to find it!  Have fun and ride safe!

What type of device are you using to view the web site?

Before we get down to the techy stuff, let’s deal with some, er, techy stuff.  This web site has been designed, developed and tested on a Dell Windows 7 notebook PC with a wide-aspect screen (like a 16:9 TV screen) – so that’s what it looks best on.  This is how it looks on that type of display.  It has been checked out on the Windows 7 notebook using the 5 most popular browsers: Internet Explorer 9 (not 10), Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.  It’s rubbish, although usable, with Internet Explorer 8.  If you are still using IE8 it is time you retired it.  It’s also been checked out on a MacBook and AppleMac.

However, with all the different devices, operating systems, browsers etc. available today, its bum is bound to look big in something!  Nevertheless, this web site is responsive to  the different types of device it may be displayed on.  Many of you will be using tablets and smartphones to look at it.  It’s been tested with iPad (10 inch) and iPhone.  The main effect may be some loss of  image content because the web pages will be squeezed into a narrower display.  You will also lose some of the brick wall background – but, hopefully, not the most artistic bits!  So give it the best chance by viewing the site with your device in ‘Landscape’ orientation.  All the descriptions below tend to assume that you are using the site on a more or less standard notebook type display.

You should still be able to view and read easily all text content, even on a smartphone, but the calendar is not compatible with small displays.  How you get to the web site content will vary.  On some devices, once you are past the initial page with the changing central image, the Main Menu orange tabs  (normally in a single row) may deploy in 2 or more rows but still be quite usable.  On the iPhone, and possibly on other smartphones too, this tabbed menu becomes a drop-down scrolling-type menu positioned just below the header image.  At the time of writing, sometimes the default menu option displayed is the very last menu option available: ‘General’.  You will probably need to scroll well down to see the login point.  You should find it just below whichever page you selected to view, instead of to the right hand side (in the ‘sidebar’) as described below.

To assist you to navigate to those pages that we think you are most likely to be interested in, without having to use the main menu, we have provided a simple ‘Qwik-Nav To Stuff’ menu list.  On a conventional system and most tablets, this will be in the sidebar below the login point.  On your smartphone you may need to scroll further down to find it.

This site does not allow you to ‘zoom in’ to a page on a mobile device.  However, all text is quite adequately sized and can be easily read without zooming, even on a smartphone.  The instructions below assume that you are using a conventional system with a wide screen; if you are not, you need to make appropriate allowances.  Things may be in a different place, but procedures should be much the same otherwise.


The login button is on the right in the area called the ‘sidebar’:-

If you are a 1066 member, you should have been notified by email of your login name and initial password. (If you have not, contact us here [hide_email]) Otherwise, enter your user name and password to log in.  Passwords are case-sensitive, as usual. Once you have logged in, all pages become accessible to you. There is also a ‘Logout’ link (once you have logged in!).

Forgotten Your Details?

Please click on the ‘Lost your password?’ link just below the login point, or email here [hide_email] if you still have a problem.  Enter your email address (this MUST be the one registered in your user profile) and you will be sent an email with a link to your profile where you can set a new password.  (You will not be able to use this facility if you do not have a valid email address that is the same as the one in your profile.  Members who do not have email are listed with a unique dummy email address because without an email address you cannot be a user. )

Logging Out

When logged in, you will see the ‘Logout’ link at right. Click on it once to log out.

Changing Your Profile

When you are logged in, you can change your profile by allowing your mouse pointer to hover over the avatar at top right:


You then see a drop-down menu. One of the options is ‘Edit my profile’, click on this, or on the Avatar itself, to go to your Profile.    You can also get there by clicking on ‘profile’ in the login area:

Here you can change your password (we recommend you change it from its initial setting to something only you know) or  your display name.  For example you may prefer to be greeted by your nickname; if so enter it in the ‘Nickname’ box.  It will then be available for you to select from the drop-down below where it says ‘Display name publicly as’.  If you change your email address at any time, remember to change it here and also inform the Webmaster and Membership Officer, or you may miss out on Chapter communications.  When you first log in, please update your profile by setting up the drop-down labelled ‘Display name publicly as’. When you have finished, scroll down and click on the ‘Update Profile’ button:-


Finally return to the web site by clicking on ‘1066 Chapter’ at top left.


Moving Around The Web Site – Main Menu

Except on certain small mobile devices (see above), the Main Menu is the row(s) of orange tabs arranged along the top of the page display area.  Some of these tabs have ‘drop-down’ sub-menu options, just let your mouse pointer hover over them to see them, and click on an option to go to that page.

There is also a ‘Qwik-Nav’ list of the more important / popular pages in the sidebar:-

  1. Rideout Status
  2. Rideouts
  3. Rallies
  4. Trips Away
  5. Social Events
  6. Join/Renew 1066
  7. 1066 Merchandise

Just click on any of these to go straight to the page(s).  If you would like some more, well, heck, just let us know, we might even do it.


Clicking on ‘Welcome’ will take you to the standard public ‘Welcome’ article.

If, at any time, you want to return to the initial page with the changing images, just click on the big orange  ‘1066 Chapter #6746’ at top left:-


Join 1066! Or Renew!

This page is always accessible without login under the ‘Welcome’ tab or via ‘Qwik-Nav’.

Rideouts, Activities & Events

You can find information about planned meetings, rideouts, rallies, trips and events by clicking on the relevant tab or an entry in the ‘drop down’ menus.  Rideout status, Weather and Travel are always accessible under the ‘Rideout’ tab or via ‘Qwik-Nav’.


You can ALWAYS* view basic details of Regular Meets and those forthcoming Rideouts and Events that have been scheduled  – WITHOUT LOGGING IN – via the Calendar tab.  Events on the calendar are colour-coded according to type and you can see the key to these colour codes along the top of the calendar, where there is also a control to move from month to month.  Clicking on an event in the Calendar opens an event summary box.  If there is further information available about the event, there will be an ‘Event Link’ tab; clicking on this will take you to the relevant page, but you may need to log in to view this information.

*You may have difficulty viewing and using the calendar as above on small mobile devices though.

Chapter Merchandise

You don’t need to log in to access this option, under the ‘Member Services’ tab.

Committee & Road Crew

You can view details of the Chapter Committee (including email addresses) and Road Crew when logged in; it’s under the ‘People’ tab.

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