Guest Riders

Please note that this provision is not to be confused with registration and affiliation as a 1066 guest under the 1066 Guest Policy.  Such affiliates cannot participate in 1066 rideouts as rider-operators.

1066 rideouts are primarily for the benefit of 1066 members.  We recognise that there are occasions when a member may want to bring a non-member as a guest rider on one of our rideouts.  In ALL cases, this can occur only with the advance permission of the lead rider for the specific rideout concerned.   If you are the lead rider and you want to bring a guest on a rideout, clear it with the Head Road Captain or Assistant Head Road Captain first.  Sorry, we allow guest riders on Harleys and Buells only – after all, this is a HOG Chapter.

Also in ALL cases, we will want to know in advance

  1. If the guest is a HOG member or not.
  2. The model of bike the guest will be riding.
  3. How long the guest has held a motorcycle license for – we cannot accept learners.
  4. What previous experience the guest has of riding in a group, particularly HOG Chapter groups.

ALL guest riders must complete and sign a HOG Event Release Form which you can find here. Arrive with your guest and signed Event Release Form at the assembly point for the ride in good time and make yourself known to the Lead Rider who will brief your guest and discuss any issues arising, as appropriate.

Permission for a guest to join one of our rideouts is not automatic and if granted applies only to the specific ride for which that permission is sought.  On each separate occasion that a particular guest rider joins a 1066 rideout, a new release form must be completed.

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