Changes to National H.O.G Officers:

Changes to National H.O.G Officers:

With the noticeable absence of Lorraine Seedhouse and following an earlier communication from Marjorie Rae to Chapter Directors, Marjorie spoke “After blazing a trail in the role of National Associate Ladies of Harley Officer, Lorraine Seedhouse has decided to pass the torch and step down from that role. I know that this was a decision that did not come easily – Lorraine’s passion for the role and all that it offered in the way of being an advocate for pillion riders was evident in every way. She wholly embraced it and for all that she did, I compliment and thank her. Going forward I will be looking for someone new to take on the role but I most definitely will not be able to replace her

The role of National Associate LOH Officer was discussed and for those pillion riders/non-riding ladies who may be attracted to this position to support fellow pillion riders, please email your interest to

I will miss working alongside Lorraine, her enthusiasm, humour and inspiration was bountiful. She carried a bright shining torch and the time has come to pass it on to another. I shall look forward to working alongside whoever that may be, and the adventures that will bring.

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