UK & Ireland Rallies

Calling all Rally-Goers

See here for a list of 2021 Rallies

Are you going to any of the many Rallies on offer? Let’s have a 1066 presence at numerous rallies.  After all, we are a big enough Chapter to do so.

We are not able to offer Chapter led rides to every rally, as there are so many to choose from and besides, we don’t all have the same budgets, time available or preferred type of routes to get there. Members often prefer to go their own way, at their own pace, but like to know there will be fellow members to meet up with at the Rally.

With this in mind, I am offering to “Co-ordinate”, so that you can hook up with other members going to the same rally. This will give you the opportunity (if you wish) to compare plans beforehand  – e.g. overnight stops on the way, or even plan to ride together in small groups. However you choose to get there, you will then know there will be other 1066 members to meet up with at the rally. If you wish, rally specific WhatsApp groups can be created to easily keep in touch during the event.

All you need to do is email me at to confirm which rally or rallies you are going to (or are thinking of going to) and then I will put you in touch with others going to the same rally.

There are plenty of other rallies to choose from – see the Rallies section of this website.  Which will you be going to?

Lets get social.




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